How You Can Help

We do not charge our residents or their families for the care we provide. We exist totally through the generosity of others. Our funding is dependent upon private, corporate donations and fundraising events.

We manage a private residence and have the same concerns you may have with owning your home. Annual upkeep- snow removal, yard maintenance, home repairs, normal wear and tear on furniture, appliances, etc. Monthly bills – electric, gas, water, groceries, household supplies

We are a United Way designee. You can chose to contribute through the United Way by using our UW number 2396.

how you can help

Donate online using PayPal secure transaction processing.

Or, send your donations to:

Webster Comfort Care Home
700 Holt Road
Webster, NY 14580
(585) 872-5290

family room

The best way to ensure the Home will continue to provide our terminally ill residents and their families a safe and comfortable place to live in their final months and days is by naming Webster Comfort Care Home in your will and/or your estate plan.

Look for our booth at the Webster Joe Obbie Farmer's Market selling jar mixes, jams and jelly. (button to wish list)

Throughout the community, you will find "Make a Change" cans for your loose change.

You time, talent and financial support is greatly appreciated.

Help Support The Home

We do not charge our residents or their families for the care we provide.
We gratefully exist solely through the generosity of donations and volunteers.

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