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Webster Comfort Care Home

We are a non-profit community-based comfort care home, committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate care to the terminally ill and their families.

Our Mission

Webster Comfort Care Home's mission is to uphold the dignity, and ease the suffering, of its residents and support their loved ones in a warm home-like atmosphere.

The values we are committed to fulfill are: Integrity, Compassion, Quality and Community. We act with the highest standard of ethics, respect, honesty and trust, keeping our commitments and being accountable for our actions. We value human dignity and ascribe to the hospice philosophy of care.

Our primary goal is to provide comfort care, symptom control and pain management for our residents while being a source of respite care for the families. We listen with empathy, respond appropriately and promptly deliver individualized services, offering comfort, support and companionship. We work as a team and are focused on providing a quality, compassionate experience for all we serve. We gratefully enlist the collaborative support of volunteers and other community partners creating the capacity to meet the needs of our community.


Admission Information

Requesting admission is as simple as calling and asking to speak to our Primary Nurse.

General Criteria


Webster Comfort Care Home depends upon volunteers to conduct the day-to-day operations of the Home.

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Webster Comfort Care Home depends upon donations to provide our services to the community.

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About WCCH

Webster Comfort Care Home's management team is a group of citizens who believe in the dignity and value of every person, and who care about our community. United in our desire to provide hospice-based care, our role is a privileged one.

Featured Fundraiser

ROC the Day

ROC the Day with Webster Comfort Care Home on Giving Tuesday (November 28th).

ROC the Day, powered by the United Way of Greater Rochester and the Finger Lakes, gives our community the opportunity to support the work we do.

Thank you for helping us provide compassionate end-of-life care with your donation today:


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WCCH United Way Donor Designation #2396

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We do not charge our residents or their families for the care we provide.
We gratefully exist solely through the generosity of the community, your donations and our volunteers.

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