Requesting admission information is as simple as calling (585) 872-5290 and asking to speak to the Primary Nurse, Mary Barnhart, RN.

The goal of Webster Comfort Care Home is to provide quality care to the dying by attempting to meet each resident's physical, emotional, social and spiritual care needs in a supportive, home-like environment while respecting their individuality and maintaining their dignity until death.


General Admission Criteria

  • Diagnosis of Terminal Illness: no expectation of recovery
  • Prognosis of three months or less
  • Do not resuscitate order: no life sustaining measures will be implemented (For Example: no CPR)
  • Private physician coverage
  • Association with a hospice/home health care agency: Lifetime Care or Visiting Nurse Service
  • Understand Webster Comfort Care Home is primarily staffed by volunteers
  • Must be able to be safely and comfortably managed by trained staff and volunteers
  • No intravenous or feeding tubes
  • Medications will be administered orally, rectally, topically (patch) or by pump
  • No financial requirements are required
  • Admission is not determined by age, creed, color, ethnic background, religion or diagnosis but by immediate need
  • Weight limit of 170lbs.

Help Support The Home

We do not charge our residents or their families for the care we provide.
We gratefully exist solely through the generosity of donations and volunteers.

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